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Thread: What if the All-star lineup is increased to 15 per team?

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    Default What if the All-star lineup is increased to 15 per team?

    Before I say my thoughts on this one let me say congratulations to Paul George for making his 1st all-star appearance! Well deserved young fellow. Never thought it would be this early, but the earlier, the better they say.

    Now on to the topic, reading this link about NBA All-star change suggestions:

    One of the suggestions there is to increase the lineup to 15 per team. For me it makes sense because I believe that there are some undeserving players that got in through fan votes (i.e. Allen Iverson on his last All-star inclusion) and ultimately some of the deserving players get snubbed in the end as coaches can only make cases for 7 players. The increase in playing time is debatable, but for me the more important thing is that players who deserve it will have a higher chance getting in if 3 additional players can be slotted in. Some will say "it's just an all-star game" and it's not as if it's an All-NBA team or MVP award or whatever season award. But from a player's perspective, I think being recognized in an All-star game gives them a confidence boost that they are really doing quite well to get noticed by the league, and at the same time it raises their value as a professional player, a "promotion" of some sort in terms of being an employee.

    What are your thoughts on this?

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    Default Re: What if the All-star lineup is increased to 15 per team?

    Have the coaches pick all the players.

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    Default Re: What if the All-star lineup is increased to 15 per team?

    You could make it 85 per team and there would always be some deserving players not get in. I think 12 is good. Coaches usually make up for any mistakes the players make. Usually for me I think players get in who don't deserve it more so than players not getting in who deserve to get in. So adding more roster spots isn't something I want

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    Default Re: What if the All-star lineup is increased to 15 per team?

    Unless they get rid of the fan voting, picking the starting 5 will forever be like voting for the homecoming king/queen back in the ol' high school days. It's just a popularity contest

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