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Thread: More Blue and Gold? | Pelicans Logo Leaked

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    Quote Originally Posted by BornReady View Post
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    hahah I came across this video and thought about this thread - don't mess with pelicans!

    Just too much comedic gold for me in this 30 second clip to just let slide
    • Just love how the BBC news anchor does this in his "matter of fact" way... "Children were just feeding the ravenous pelican..."
    • Notice how the duck at the end chases the pelican off like, "Hey, you just ate my buddy. You *******!! Or better yet..."Hey asshat, We have rules against just eating other feathery friends and neighbors... Get the hell outta here!"
    • Can't forget the cut away to the female Britt trying to keep a straight face... "That's terrible." Looks like she was as amused as I was.
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