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I bet it all started innocently enough.

JO: Hey, Lance I have some ideas on how we could improve the offense.

Blanks: Oh yeah let's hear them you've been in the league a while you've probably seen a few things.

JO: Yeah you see I even brought a tape.

Blanks: A tape? What you didn't have a DVD?

JO: Well it's from a little while ago.

*Pops in a tape of the 2006-2007 Indiana Pacers offense which was essentially 4 dudes standing around watching one power forward/"center" shoot 43% from the field*

JO: So yeah, you see just put me on the low block and let me go to work. I'm dominant.

Blanks: Are you being serious with me right now or just ****ing with me?

JO: Serious as a mother ****ing heart attack Lance the Pants.

Blanks: I'm not going to build the ****ing offense around you.

*Yet another missed turnaround jumper*

Blanks: This **** is ****ing horrifying.

*Highlight of JO hitting a free throw comes on*

JO: Also, you need to play this song every time I hit a free throw. It's the ****. It goes JAY-OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH I SAY JAAAAAY-OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH

Blanks: Are you the dumbest mother ****er alive?

JO: So you like my suggestions?

*Blanks walks out*

JO: Man, JO look at you working in the post, you look good baby.

That's some funny **** right there!