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Thats the problem with the FA FB class outside of Jerome there really isn't well known guys and Casey is a medicore FB IMO. The off the radar guy I like is Owen Schmitt. He played for the Raiders last year but they had Reece at FB who is pretty good. Schmitt also was in Philly when Grigson was there so thats the guy who is affordable and experienced that I see him going after if we don't draft a guy.
Yeah I know about him, he is a pretty crazy dude, but did not think him or Jerome Felton really had much in the receiving department. Schmitt is pretty crazy, but I remember his WVU days.... seems like you are more focused on guys who are big time hole openers, instead of dual threats, rarely you will find a guy that is really good at both, or really good at one and good at the other. In many cases we can use two guys depending on the situations.