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Thread: Granger to begin practicing soon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mackey_Rose View Post
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    He absolutely needs to accept a role offensively. He needs to accept that he still has to play defense with 100% effort, regardless of what happens on the offensive end. That hasn't been the case for him in the last several seasons.
    What role does he need to accept exactly? This team is currently ranked towards the bottom of the league offensively. We NEED another scorer, and so Idk what other role he would need to accept except to score the ball.

    He's the most accomplished scorer on the team. His style of offense (post ups, spot up 3's) will not interrupt Paul George's new offensive aggressiveness (most of his action comes with the ball in his hands, or running off screens)

    Last year he played better defensively (with more effort) than he had in previous seasons.

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