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Jacksonville just filled their HC vacancy, so that only leaves Arizona as the only team left with a HC vacancy. They apparently have a lot of interest in Arians. So we'll see.
I know that you probably have to take any head coaching offer when you're 60 years old and have never coached before. You're not exactly in a position to wait. But that Arizona job isn't very desirable at all, IMO. Bruce seems like he wants a good QB to work with, which is something he wouldn't have there. Plus they have to play four games a year against Seattle and San Francisco. Brutal. Heck, St. Louis didn't look that bad this year. Arizona is easily the worst team in that division. I don't really think the Arians stock is going to drop. People won't forget that he went 9-3 this year, and Luck will probably continue to make him look good next year. He might be better off if he waits a year to see if a better job opens up. That being said, he still probably has to take the Arizona job if it's offered to him. I guess you can't be picky when you're 60 and looking for your first head coaching gig.