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Thread: From a New User: Upgrade at Point Guard Needed!

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    The most important reason to distinguish between tendinitis and tendinosis is the differing treatment goals and timelines. The most prominent treatment goal for tendinitis is to reduce inflammation, a condition that isn’t present in tendinosis. In fact, some treatments to reduce inflammation are contraindicated with tendinosis. Ibuprofen, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, is associated with inhibited collagen repair(9). Corticosteroid injections inhibited collagen repair in one study, and were found to be a predictor of later tendon tears(3,4,10).
    The healing time for tendinitis is several days to 6 weeks, depending on whether treatment starts with early presentation or chronic presentation(3). Khan et al.(3) state that treatment for tendinosis recognized at an early stage can be as brief as 6–10 weeks; however, treatment once the tendinosis has become chronic can take 3–6 months. It is suggested by Rattray and Ludwig(10) that effective treatment might take up to 9 months once the tendinosis is chronic. Knowing these timelines is part of creating an effective treatment plan. Khan(3) reportedly suggests that tendons “require over 100 days to make new collagen.” Given this claim, treating chronic tendinosis for a matter of weeks would provide little benefit to the long-term repair of the tendon.

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    • tendinitis
      The suffix "itis" means inflammation. The term tendinitis should be reserved for tendon injuries that involve larger-scale acute injuries accompanied by inflammation. (Tendinitis is often misspelled as tendonitis, but the preferred spelling used in most of the medical literature is tendinitis.)
    • tendinosis
      The suffix "osis" implies a pathology of chronic degeneration without inflammation. Doctors prefer the term tendinosis for the kind of chronic tendon injuries that most of us have. The main problem for someone with tendinosis is failed healing, not inflammation; tendinosis is an accumulation over time of microscopic injuries that don't heal properly. Although inflammation can be involved in the initial stages of the injury, it is the inability of the tendon to heal that perpetuates the pain and disability. Most of the pain associated with tendinosis probably comes not from inflammation but from other irritating biochemical substances associated with the injury

    Once people get tendinosis, it usually becomes a long-term chronic problem with no easy solution. Many people have to change careers because they can't get their injuries to heal well enough to go back to their jobs, even if they make ergonomic improvements. They also have to make long-term changes to their daily lives outside of work to accommodate the limitations caused by the injuries. When tendinosis in an upper extremity is at its worst, people often have trouble performing even the simplest daily tasks such as opening doors, brushing teeth, shampooing hair, cutting and stirring food, tying shoes, turning pages of books and magazines, picking up children, and writing checks.
    We need more research to find effective treatments for tendinosis; we don't understand why tendons often fail to heal even after the injurious activity is stopped, and we don't know how to reverse the damage. No current treatment has been proven to reverse the microinjuries associated with tendinosis. The injuries usually improve with time, rest, and physical therapy (and also with some nontraditional treatments), but no treatment has been shown to reverse the damage on the cellular scale. We could help many people if we could find a treatment that consistently reversed tendinosis injuries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TinManJoshua View Post
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    There's no war to be won, this is a message board not a battleground.
    Wars and battles over ideas and opinions have always been part of message boards, and it will never change. Poster's passions about their believes will never allow it to be any other way. When two different opinions or views collide, there is always a battle. The severity of the battles depend upon the subject and the passion of the posters posting. This is why you have moderaters in order to keep the dialogue civil. Some boards do a better job than others in this regard, but heated arguements over different opinions and views will always be. Some subjects are more controversial than others, thus the heat factor evolves. The bottom line is some poster's will go to battle over defending or projecting their opinions and views thus a the war of words begins. The civility of the battles is a huge factor in what separates message boards in their quality. Always has always will.

    IMO, I watched a board be destroyed from lack of civility, and another go down the tubes from over moderation.... both had wars with battlegrounds in different ways. JMOAA

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    My take: They fixed the swelling from the previous tendonitis and he was still in pain and lacked explosivness, so they the diagnosed that the tendon had degenerated. They've injected the miracle drug into the tendon and are hoping for the best as he goes through the necessary rest period.

    Nothing official. But I've got lots of history with tendon related overuse injuries from my track career so this is pretty easy for me to see it playing out like that.

    There's no guarantee that the tendon will respond well to the increase in activity that he'll have to go through to get game ready.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vnzla81 View Post
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    I mean anybody at any position unless they are huge upgrades,

    I believe that Hill is going to be an all star for years to come, he has that potential.

    I'm glad to see you qualified your 1st statement.

    We'll have to disagree in your 2nd statement. I don't EVER envision seeing George Hill being an Allstar PG. He's not in the class of Rhondo or DWill. He won't be better than Irving, and possibly never better Wall or Knight in the future. Not to mention some future rookie PG's that will be coming.

    Hill is what he is, a combo guard who can play some decent PG. In Hill's defense, the Pacers system doesn't require a pass 1st type of PG that I prefer. A scoring PG is better suited, and Hill seems to fill the spot. IMO, Hill's still overpaid, but I'm not as upset over it as I was earlier in the season. If he continues to improve, like I'm hoping he does, he can be the Pacers PG for many years to come. If not, he will just be part of the continuing Pacers saga of looking for the PG of the future.

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    Default Re: From a New User: Upgrade at Point Guard Needed!

    To all,

    I'm new here and I understand the nature of well-established message boards. So just let me say that I am a fellow Pacer fan, like all of you, and that I want to see this team be as good as they can possibly be.

    Having said that, if I would have known my mentioning of Jose Calderon (who leads the NBA in assist/turnover ratio) or Danny Granger would have gotten so much attention, I would have never mentioned them...

    My intention was to primarily talk about George Hill and how I think we can do better. I'm not totally convinced we couldn't do better with DJ Augustin. I have been waiting and waiting for DJ to get a chance with the starters, and when he finally did, he didn't disappoint.

    I think some of you are overrating Hill's D just a tad. I agree he is good, but I will refrain from saying he's so great that he's untouchable. When his minutes dropped below 30 recently, we were 3-1 and our D was actually better (83.5 PPG allowed in those 4 games). It is also worth mentioning that we did something during that span that we've struggled to do all year long... beat good teams (Memphis, Miami).

    The fact that DJ stepped in and was a different player with the starters is an eye opener for me. Is DJ pretty good when he gets a fair chance? Or does it show that Hill is far from irreplaceable? Maybe a little of both?

    Many of you have said Hill is the "perfect fit" to our style of offense. That argument would have more merit if our offense was actually good.

    And I do not dislike Danny Granger, I just feel he's already reached his ceiling. He is never going to be any better than he already is/has been, and I'm not sure there's enough room on this team for both he and Paul George.

    The "Hill is good enough" argument is what I really have a problem with, though. We're too content with him. It is not an ambitious, championship contending mindset. I feel like this team is REAL CLOSE, maybe one tweak or piece away from something special. Hill is just not a starting Point Guard on a team that's serious about reaching the NBA's Final Four... or maybe even beyond?
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    Default Re: From a New User: Upgrade at Point Guard Needed!

    Smothered Chicken!

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    Default Re: From a New User: Upgrade at Point Guard Needed!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kstat View Post
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    didn't see it much last year either, until the playoffs started. Teams try to keep things simple during the 82-game grind. pregame adjustments are kept to a minimum.
    Ya no doubt the Pacers only run about 5 sets in the regular season and I would be the same way if I was the coach no need to get complicated in the marathon that is the NBA season. I would save the good stuff for the playoffs.

    We run that triangle concept double screen what seems like 50 times a game.

    with that said Ian is really going to help defend the PnR that Miami exploited Roy Hibbert in the post season.

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