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Thread: Direct TV question.

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    Default Direct TV question.

    So I'm supposed to house sit for my parents tommorow (they have direct TV) and I'm wondering if I'm going to be able to watch the Charlotte game? This was an issue (fox sports and DirectTV I guess) earlier in the season and I'm just wondering if it ever got resolved? Any help appreciated.
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    Default Re: Direct TV question.

    I do believe that Direct TV and Fox Sports are good now. We have DTV and I've watched several Pacers games this season. You just have to find the right channel. I believe it's in the 600's.
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    Default Re: Direct TV question.

    it was worked out right before the first game channel 673

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    Default Re: Direct TV question.

    Yeah, like 4ever said, 673 at 7pm.

    I've watched every game this season through DirecTV

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    Default Re: Direct TV question.

    Depends where you is an email I got from FSMidWest after I complained about my games being blacked out...

    I have been experiencing issues with my FSMidWest programming. For some reason, even though I live in the Springfield-Champaign DMA, and the Pacers are now considered my "home NBA team" due to your new contract with them, I STILL cannot watch Pacers games on FSMidwest via Dish. I can understand the issue with not being able to see games that are broadcast on FSMidWest+, but games that are being shown on the FSMidWest main channel shouldn't be blacked out to me. My neighbor, via Cable, was able to watch the game on FSMidWest, however I was not.

    I have contacted Dish about this issue, and even gone as far as escalating it all the way to their Executive Resolutions team, where I spoke to a man named Angel. You can contact him at 303-942-8605 ext. 81017 if you would like. After being placed on hold several times, I was told that I needed to contact you, as this is not an issue with the RSN or the DMA, but this is a contract issue between your station and Dish itself, and there is nothing that they can do about it.

    Can you please shed some light as to what is going on here. According to this release the following DMA's should be allowed to watch Pacers games via your channel:

    Paducah-Cape Girardeau
    St. Louis
    Columbia-Jefferson City
    Springfield (Mo.)
    Davenport-Rock Island-Moline

    Since I am in the Champaign-Springfield DMA, what, if anything, can I do to ensure that I am able to watch future Pacers games via your channel? I find it very frustrating that my neighbor, having cable and MUCH fewer channels, is able to watch the Pacers on FSMidWest, but I, with Dish Network, cannot.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    Thanks for your email. Please read here for additional information:

    Dish and DirecTV are not yet carrying our Pacers telecasts in Illinois and Missouri. It is not a contract issue, simply a technical one. We have made the games available to Dish and DirecTV, but they have not yet made the technical implementation for their zip codes in the Illinois and Missouri markets listed below.

    Please let us know if you have additional questions. And we’ll do our best to keep Dish and DirecTV customers updated.

    FOX Sports Midwest

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    Default Re: Direct TV question.

    The game last night was on 671. That was new.
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    The Miami game was on 671 as well. Also keep in mind 673 is ad. He is on 673-1

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