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    Indiana: Kevin Love, Josh Shelby

    Memphis: Danny Granger, J.J. Barea

    Minnesota: Rudy Gay, D.J Augustine

    The numbers work on espn's trade machine

    Memphis wants to get ride of Rudy's big contract so what better player to replace him with then Danny and his reasonable sized contract.

    With Minnesota it seems Love wants out and the wolves landing Rudy Gay would heal the wound of Love leaving.

    Pacers get an awesome talent in Love and can now keep Paul at the SF spot and let him do his thing.

    The point guards are in there for different reasons. We send DJ to the wolves with an expiring deal, Memphis gets a solid backup to Conley and we get a young Shelby to hopefully develop into a ty lawson type point guard.
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    Default Re: IN/,MEM/MIN

    Minny says no.

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    I'm worried about Love's lack of D. But since our D has been able to mask West's below average D and has turned it into a strength then I feel a bit better about it.

    So, sure.

    Not that Minny would do it, though.

    By the way, who would be our SG if we were to do this deal?
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    Are we talking about trading at the deadline or after the season ends. It makes no sense to me to trade Danny at the bottom of his value and change the entire chemistry of the Pacers. We need to see if DG can come back and be himself, then start looking at the pieces we need to add or exchange after this season's run is over. JMHO.

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    If the Pacers add Paul George, maybe they'd consider it.

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    LOL... Love doesn't "want out," he wants to go to the playoffs. A healthy Wolves team would do that. And Minnesota isn't going to trade him for freaking Rudy Gay.

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