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Thread: Odd thoughts: Slaying the Knicks in honor of Reggie Miller

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peck View Post
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    Are you really comparing HOF/Gold Medal winner/All-Star Reggie Miller to Steve Novak?

    Hold on for a min. I know you are just pulling our legs here. That's right you hated Troy Murphy as much as I did, you hated Jim O'Brien as much as I did. You detested the stretch four as much as I did.

    Good one, you had me going there for a min. because I almost forgot you complained about Satan and his court as much if not more than I did.
    Nope I'm not comparing Novak to Reggie, all I'm saying is that I think is hypocrite to critize the guy for been a 3 point specialist when the face of the Pacers franchise for a long time was "a 3 point specialist", I mean "2nd best 3 point shooter all of time" sounds familiar?

    And yes I hated the Clown and his Troy Murphy love because that is the only thing he wanted to do big difference, every team in the NBA needs a guy like Novak, SA always had somebody similar, Miami had two guys like that last year, Dallas had a guy like that, every contender or championship team needs a 3 point specialist, so I'm sorry but I don't get the hate.

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