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    Hello pacers forum, long time lurker here....
    I am a diehard pacers fan originally from Indianapolis but living in SW Florida... I am making a trip to Indy on Feb 20th to catch the Pacers vs Knicks and staying two weeks so I can watch vs Clippers and Bulls too. Anyways, I don't have anyone to go with to these games and I do not want to go by myself! If anyone is willing to pair up and watch any of these let me know, I will provide the alcohol and lots of smoke just need someone who will get #d up and cheer as hard as i will lol. I am wanting to spend around 100 per ticket each game btw except maybe like 60 for the bulls game

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    You can visit the Area 55 and G2 Zone unified there. Lots of great people there that go to games. It's stickied at the top of the page.

    Also, welcome
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