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Thread: 1/8/2013 Game Thread #35: Pacers Vs. Heat

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    Default 1/8/2013 Game Thread #35: Pacers Vs. Heat



    Game Time Start: 7:00 PM ET
    Where: The Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, IN
    Officials: J. Crawford, C. Blair, P. Fraher

    Media Notes: Indiana Notes, Miami Notes
    Television: FOX Sports Indiana / Sun Sports / SNET1 (Canada)
    Radio: WFNI 1070 AM / WAXY 790 AM
    NBA Feeds:

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    Season Records: (W-L)
    Home: 12-3
    East: 10-6
    Away: 7-6
    East: 11-6
    Upcoming Games:
    Jan 10
    Jan 12
    Jan 13
    Jan 15

    Projected Starting Lineup:
    Projected Starting Lineup:

    Danny Granger - left knee tendinosis (out)


    Perpetually Disappointing Trader Joe Minimally Relevant Video:

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    Heat Index:
    Tom Haberstroh: Who's to blame for Miami's rebound woes?

    It seems the Heat have a rebounding problem.

    The defending champs rank in the bottom 10 overall in rebound rate and second to last
    on the offensive glass. This has generated heaps of criticism toward both Chris Bosh
    and the Heat's decision to embrace small-ball after winning the title with it.

    But here's the thing: The Heat have already ditched small-ball, and when they did, they
    became a worse rebounding team.

    This is Miami's rebounding paradox. Sunday's game against the Washington Wizards
    marked the one-month anniversary of Udonis Haslem's promotion to the starting lineup.
    On Dec. 6, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, looking to shore up the increasingly problematic
    second unit, decided to insert Haslem into the starting five against the New York Knicks
    and bring Shane Battier off the bench as he rehabbed from his strained MCL.

    We can debate all day about the importance of starting lineups or the lack thereof, but
    this was a landmark move in the Heat's season. Spoelstra, at least temporarily, put the
    title-winning formula on hold by slotting two traditional big men next to LeBron James.

    Spoelstra went "big" and by doing so, it accomplished a couple of things. One, it
    allowed Joel Anthony to anchor the second unit's previously porous defense. So far,
    that's worked out and the defense has improved.

    Secondly, it gave the Heat an additional big man next to Bosh to help on the boards.
    Haslem is known as the Heat's rebounding specialist. Earlier this season, he became
    the franchise's all-time leading rebounder, and last season he ranked eighth in the NBA
    in defensive rebound rate.

    But the interesting thing is that Haslem's promotion has had the opposite effect on the
    Heat. Since Haslem entered the starting lineup, the Heat have ranked 24th in rebound
    rate. Before then: 21st.

    Dig deeper and the issue becomes clear: The Heat's "big" starting lineup has gotten
    crushed on the boards. The five-man unit with Haslem next to Mario Chalmers and the
    Big Three has played 189 minutes together this season, which ranks 26th in the league,
    according to's advanced stats tool. Among the top 30 five-man units with the
    most minutes in the NBA, that Chalmers-Wade-James-Haslem-Bosh lineup ranks 28th
    in rebound rate, grabbing just 45.5 percent of all available rebounds. A 45.5 percent
    rebounding rate would rank last in the NBA behind the Dallas Mavericks.

    And it gets worse: That lineup gives up 19.3 second-chance points every 48 minutes --
    easily the highest rate among those 30 lineups. It's actually the highest rate of any of
    the top 50 teams in minutes.

    You want to know which lineup ranks 17th in rebounding among those 30 most
    common lineups?

    The Heat's "small" starting lineup with Battier. Yes, better than the Haslem lineup.

    How can this be?

    There's a big difference between rebounding on the individual level and on the team
    level. Individually, Haslem does very well on the boards; he averages 9.6 rebounds
    per 36 minutes, which is the highest in Miami's rotation. But on a team level, the
    Heat have actually done worse on the boards when he's on the floor this season.

    You know who in particular has done worse with Haslem on the court? Bosh. In fact,
    Bosh tallies 9.2 rebounds per 36 minutes with Haslem on the bench, according to
    NBA.comís advanced stats tool. When he plays next to Haslem: 5.8 rebounds per 36

    This is the opposite of the Bargnani Effect, the phenomenon when Bosh became an
    all-world rebounder when he played alongside Andrea Bargnani (the anti-Mr. Clean on
    the glass). When Bosh plays next to Battier in that starting lineup, he grabs 11.0
    rebounds every 36 minutes. Those are numbers that Heat fans want to see from Bosh.
    But Bosh's boards have been cut in half when he plays next to Haslem.

    Does Haslem steal Bosh's rebounds? And why do the Heat's rebounding numbers suffer
    when Haslem is on the court?

    These are very good questions...CONTINUE READING AT HEAT INDEX

    140 Characters of (Non-PD) Coverage

    Mike Wells @MikeWellsNBA
    Jared Wade @8pts9secs
    Tim Donahue @TimDonahue8p9s
    Tom Lewis @indycornrows

    Brian Windhorst @windhorstESPN
    Tom Haberstroh @tomhaberstroh
    Ira Winderman @iraheatbeat
    Joseph Goodman @miamiheraldheat
    This is the darkest timeline.

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