Just wanted to see if anyone else is early awaiting the final book coming this Tuesday?

I'm so pumped for this. I started my re-read a bit too late and I was on book 5 yesterday, but skimmed to book 7.

May end up skipped to the final 2 books.

I'm 100% positive this final book is going to be epic! Just hope all the prophesies are answered. There have been so many viewings and dreams of the future that I cannot remember what all has come to pass and what is still to come. But that's what make these books so great. They are worthy multiple reads. Love the complexity of this. Almost feels like you are reading 3 to 6 books at once due to the amount of characters.

I'm no pre-ordering. Just plan to go to a bookstore and grab a copy. Highly recommended for people who haven't read the series and love science fiction.