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Their defense tonight was outstanding, however.

Boston still has the capability to be a good defensive team. They obviously haven't realized that potential this season consistently though.
To be fair to them, missing Avery Bradley hurt their defensive numbers a lot. This was Avery's second game off of injury and he was very disruptive defensively.

They do have the capability to play good defense. But they haven't done so far. Because Bradley was injured and because it's early in the season. Boston picks it up later in the season. That's why I believed that this was a prime opportunity to beat them. Come playoff time, they'll probably have a real defense.

All I'm saying, is that this wasn't the case tonight. Yes, they did a good job tonight. Especially, late in the 3rd and in the start of the 4th. But in the first half? No. West was just missing layup after layup. He was bad tonight. PG was missing a lot as well. We were missing almost every 3.

Simply put, we were awful tonight. Our awful shooting gave the Celtics the boost they needed to lock up on D in the second half.

But we shot ourselves in the foot first.

That's my opinion, at least.