I've assembled the parts I need to build a new PC, but I hit an unexpected road block today that I'm trying to figure out before I can move on.

I have an ATX motherboard, and my case is the Corsair 550D. Now, Corsair was kind enough to pre-install the standoffs that the motherboard rests on/is screwed into. That's all well and good, but here's the problem: Six of the standoffs look exactly as one would expect, but take a look at the other three (at the top of the picture); they look like little mole hills to me:


What I'm trying to figure out before I move forward with the installation is: Is it safe to screw the motherboard to those three "mole hills" that I believe are meant to be the other 3 (of the total 9) standoffs? The way they look, I was concerned of a possible short circuit because you don't really want any of the motherboard touching the case directly, and that seems to be pushing it pretty close to me. What do you think? Safe?