Pacers get: Thorton, Garcia, Ferdette, and Montijunas
Houston gets: Cousins, Salmons
Sacramento gets: Granger,Hansbrough,Augustin,Delfino,Patterson and 2013 1st round picks from Pacers and Rockets

Houston cleans up its Roster a little, but gets their starting five of the future in Lin,Harden,Parsons,Cousins and Asik and their bench is not bad either.

Sacramento gets rid of a headcase and a bad contact and receives a former all-star, a nice roll player in Patterson and 2 later first round picks in 2013. The rest is just salary filler.

For our beloved Pacers we get a major bench overhaul. Thorton becomes our sixth man. Garcia is probably better than Green as a back up to PG. Ferdette becomes back up to Hill. I picked Montiejunas because I think he has the highest ceiling of all of Houston's many PFs. With this move it becomes imparitive to resign West, I'm thinking he get's a 3 year 28 Million dollar range.

Our roster looks like this:

I think this could be a scary team in the coming years.