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Lets all take a step back can we please on Roy Hibbert.

This is what Roys 5th season? This is a guy that dealt with Obrien for 3.5 years of his career and many know the negative impact that created with Danny. He went from a tough nosed player to primarily a 3 pt shooter and digressed from there. he is only now developing more into vintage Artest and not Peja.

Many of us i think felt Obrien along with poor pg play and a lack of a structured offense all had to do with Roys lack of develpment to some degree.

now he has the max contract and some will say that is the problem. i think primarily in perception fans expect more from a MAX player. imo Hibbert is worth 10M with the duration of his worth around 13 M prob by time it expires. he is not rediculously overpaid but the term Max implies it.

i think intelligent pacer fans knew this was a possibility. Hibbert did not dominate the Magic last year with no D12.

Hibbert is PAID for his D. I believe we will appreciate Hibbert more in the PLAYOFFS because thats when it becomes a half-court game. Hibbs expectations based on the playoffs and a max contract and all the swooning he rcd and i think he just hasnt found his niche. He will perform well in the PLAYOFFS. a big man like him will pay dividends defensively.

i wonder if his physical regime has been changed and the extra weight is affecting his overall game. i think Hibbert will be fine but one issue i would really like the pacers to resolve is getting a BIGMAN coach. i really believe it would be worth the investment.

for example, Hibbert wanted to shoot before a gaem he said and Vogel was the only guy he could get to work with him. Are the pacers that cheap they cannot get a big man coach or is there no one to be found.

Get our max center a big man coach that can help him develop his game and serve as a mentor throughout the season. There has to be someone available that would be an ideal fit.

Hibbert is overpaid by 4 mil. I believe that relates to being overpaid by 30%. I never felt Hibbert would be a 20/12 guy, but he's not even the player he was last year. His max contract he received was based off of Hibbert's last season accomplishments. Expecting the same stats after receiving a max contract isn't at all unreasonable. Unfortunately, Hibbert isn't producing those stats for the money, and people aren't happy after he got a max contract. If he was being paid 10 mil for what he's presently producing, people wouldn't be nearly as unhappy. Take that extra 4 mil savings, and the Pacers could have used it in better upgrading the bench.

As far as getting Hibbert a BIG MAN coach, I have to laugh. Not b/c I don't agree with you, but Walsh never would b4, so why expect him to do it now? I pleaded for the FO to get a big man coach for David Harrison, Walsh in control. I asked for one when Hibbert was drafted, Walsh was in control. Plumblee could use a big man coach, Walsh in control. Checkbook Donnie will overpay to keep players, but won't pay for an on staff QUALITY big man coach. NEVER HAS NEVER WILL. Orlando got Ewing to work with Howard, Lakers got Jabbar to work with Bynum, etc.

Under Bird, Walton worked with Hibbert a "few" weeks one off season. Another off season Hibbert on his own worked out with Duncan.

I've never understood the philosophy of not spending to develop a big man. Yet, they retained Billy Keller to help players with shooting. Big men need more help developing their game than the rest of the players. Bottom line is Walsh isn't going to bring in a big man coach to help the bigs. Any help they get will be by coaches presently on staff or fellow big men like DWest.

I felt Hill was overpaid, but at least Hill's game has improved to the point he's not blatantly overpaid like Hibbert. In the month of December, Hill shot 43% compared to 38% earlier in the season. Hill's elevating his game where as unfortunately Hibbert hasn't to the point his game has regressed. How can anyone be happy with Hibbert being given a max contract and with his play not feel he's overpaid? Like BEAST 23 said Hibbert needs to put on some big boy pants and grow a pair. Only he can improve his play and game. If all he can be is a single didgit scorer, do some rebounding, and play good "D", then he's WAY OVERPAID to the point of looking like an albatross contract for the future.

STEP UP BIG MAN! Show us you are worth your max contract!