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The single bullet theory is just that and a lousy theory too that has been disregarded long ago by most most expert assassin researchers. "Back and to the left, Back and to the left," that is the key and you will never explain that away all those WC apologists have been trying for nearly a half century. There is more bullet residue in the two bodies than was missing from that magic bullet that was discovered on a gurney. Experts cannot even agree on where the entrance and exit wounds are. This will continue until the body is exhumed and a proper autopsy is done to determine where those bullets hit and what angle they came from. The Lone Nutters are the first people to oppose this. We might have been able to a make some determination by examining JFK's brain but, guess what, it is missing. A street person would have gotten a better autopsy that JFK did. There was a reason why the SS stole the body before an autopsy could have been performed in Dallas as the law required. They would have had a first rate autopsy team and many of these questions would have been answered long ago...... It was a cover-up at every step. There was never a forensic investigation of the limo. It was already being washed out and evidence was being destroyed at JFK lay dying in the Dallas hospital. People claim to have seen a gun shot hole in the windshield that came from the outside. Where is the windshield? The SS destroyed it. Yes, they could tell it came from the outside because the inside of the windshield was rough to the touch as it should be. If the shot had come from the inside, the windshield would have been rough on the outside.... Where are the records of what Oswald said to the Dallas Police? Oh, no record was kept and there was no recording of his statements. The fix was in.....
And yet the computer forensic analysis I posted traces the bullet right back to the Book Depository Window. It also corrected something that conspiracy theorists often get wrong, which is the position of Kennedy and Connelly in the car.