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Thread: Postseason predictions

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    Default Postseason predictions

    GB over Minn 31-17
    Seattle over Washington 28-24

    Seattle over Atlanta 31-30
    GB over SF 35-27

    GB over Seattle 34-31

    Ind over Balt 24-17
    Cincinnati over Houston 28-24

    Denver over Cincinnati 35-17
    NE over Indy 31-21

    NE over Denver 38-35

    NE over GB 28-27
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    Default Re: Postseason predictions

    Minn over GB 28-27
    Seattle over Washington 31-24

    Atlanta over Minn 24-17
    Seattle over SF 31-21

    Seattle over Atlanta 34-28

    Indy over Balt 27-24
    Houston over Cincy 27-21

    Denver over Indy 28-27
    NE over Houston 35-21

    Denver over NE 31-27

    SB Denver over Seattle 34-27

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    Default Re: Postseason predictions

    Wild Card:
    GB over MIN
    SEA over WAS
    IND over BAL
    HOU over CIN

    DEN over IND
    NE over HOU
    GB over SF
    ATL over SEA

    DEN over NE
    GB over ATL

    Super Bowl:
    DEN over GB
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    Default Re: Postseason predictions

    I predict the Colts will surprise
    Why so SERIOUS

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    Default Re: Postseason predictions

    Colts beat Baltimore
    Texans beat Bengals

    Colts beat Denver
    Patriots beat Texans

    Colts beat Patriots

    Seattle beats Washington
    GB beats Vikings

    SF Beats GB
    Seattle beats ATL

    Seattle beats SF

    Colts beat Seattle
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    Default Re: Postseason predictions

    Just the WC round for now

    BAL beats IND
    HOU beats CIN (If Houston manages to lose that game i will never ever take them seriously again. An upset from Cincy here wouldn't certainly surprise me.)
    GB beats MIN
    WAS beats SEA (I'm going with the surprise here)
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