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Thread: which Pacer will be on the all star team?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vnzla81 View Post
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    Dirk and Kidd are hall of famers big difference.
    So Kidd was entering his prime at 37? Your point was that if players are not entering their prime together they can't win championships, which simply isn't true. The majority of that team was well past their prime, just had good chemistry and leadership, which is equally important. Plenty of teams win championships with rosters well older than ours. In fact, every single championship roster in the HISTORY of the NBA had an average roster age older than ours, yet you're obsessed with getting younger.

    I agree that you have to have some good youth, which we do (PG, Hill, Hibbert, Lance), but you also need to have a veteran backbone (David West/Danny Granger).

    Do you think Sam Presti is sitting behind is desk stressing out b/c Kevin Martin is playing well, an expiring, and about to turn 30? Of course not. He could have gotten better young assets than Lamb/pick, but wanted the veteran.

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