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Thread: Outsider Looking for opinions

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    Default Outsider Looking for opinions

    Hey everyone I'm a Celtics fan by nature but this year I have taken to watching the Pacers play. I have done so because I cover the Central division weekly for my blog. Indiana fans have a reputation as being very knowledgeable so I would love to get your opinion on my writing. If you like it please let me know anything you would like to read about in the future.

    Since I can't link to my website I would love opinions on what true Pacers fans would like to read about in a weekly column. Thank you for reading this.

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    Default Re: Outsider Looking for opinions

    The Pacers have the #1 defense in the league, and they are the #1 rebounding team. Roy Hibbert has struggled from the field, but he is a strong DPOY candidate (he should be the leader). The Pacers are 13-6 in their last 19 games.

    All of these topics are a) important, and b) severely undercovered by the national media. Perfect blog subjects.

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    Default Re: Outsider Looking for opinions

    You could also cover how teams perform without their best player. There are several teams like that in the Central Division.

    Oh, and welcome
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    Default Re: Outsider Looking for opinions

    Welcome! I don't know any reasons why you can't post a link to your blog.

    Writing about Paul George improvements on both ends of the floor this season could be an interesting topic. He's the one player on the Pacers roster that several media pundits say has Superstar potential. I see several similarities between him and Paul Pierce including the slot they were drafted - #10.

    David West has been having a great bounce-back season. Seeing how his top 2 teams he was interested in signing with was the Pacers and the Celtics, this could be an interesting topic even for Celtics fans. Take a look at KG's and West's stats this year. David is outperforming KG. Imagine if the Cs had West instead of the struggling Brandon Bass at PF or if they had both KG and West.
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    Default Re: Outsider Looking for opinions

    EVAN registered a few accounts some were banned already and he is skimming it again, he only comes here to attract attention to his blog, which is a page that holds advertising (I.e. he gets paid by the hit) and has nothing to contribute to our site.
    Therefore he is not that overly welcome, and I wouldn't count on your opinions being printed on his site, that is not what he is seeking, he can (like Kravitz) get more wisdom by just reading, all he wants is people to go check his page.

    Evan, if your next post is not a proper contribution, and if you don't remove the referral to your blog, I am once again going to ban you.
    So Long And Thanks For All The Fish.

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    Default Re: Outsider Looking for opinions

    1. David West (arguably the best free agent signing in Pacers history)

    2. #1 in Def/Reb and how Hibberts DPOY level of play has lead to that

    3. Teams without their best player

    4. Paul George showing signs of stardom (specifically since moving to SF), and what that means for Danny

    5. Under appreciation of George Hill and his signing.
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    Default Re: Outsider Looking for opinions

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