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Thread: Granger/Augustin for Bargnani/Calderon

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    Default Granger/Augustin for Bargnani/Calderon

    I don't know how I feel about this "rumor". As much as I would like for us to get a pure point guard to replace the garbage that D.J. Augustin is playing like, I feel like we're not getting enough for Granger. I realize he's hurt and his trade value is low, but do those two guys even play any defense? I think I'd rather see how George and Granger work together than to trade Granger and be wondering what if. What do you guys think?

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    Default Re: Granger/Augustin for Bargnani/Calderon

    hahaha That's a terrible trade for the Pacers.

    Not even if a 1st was coming back our way.

    The entire draft. Love the picks of Turner, Young and trading for Christmas.
    Signing Glen Robinson III
    Trading for Budinger
    Signing Monta Ellis
    Signing Jordan Hill (not for the player, but for his deal)

    Re-signing Stuckey and Allen

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    Default Re: Granger/Augustin for Bargnani/Calderon

    pritchard and herb pick up the phone and laugh for a few minutes

    then hang up
    Counting down the days untill DJ Augustin's contract expires.

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