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Thread: Pacers/Jazz Postgame Thread 12/19/12

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    Quote Originally Posted by doctor-h View Post
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    He has said that a team will only survive if its fanbase will support them. He never has an explanation for why this fanbase does not support the pacers the way they could. There is a reason, I have my opinion what that reason is. What is his? I don't think he has one. I don' think you can explain what that reason is unless you have seen what the pacers were, what direction they took and where their headed now. They damaged their image somewhere along the line and they have been paying for it.
    They lost it with the trading for Stephen Jackson.

    I personally don't think they are doing what they could to get it back. They had a golden opportunity in the offseason. They preached to us for years that that would be the time their hands were no longer tied and they could really get things done.
    They? Who is they? Fans? The owners and management sure didn't say anything like that. The only people preaching about it were fans with no direct ties to anyone who makes decisions.

    They blew it big time and I am pissed at them for misleading everyone again.
    Not your fault you don't know the difference between a fan and Larry Bird.

    Now their hands are tied again and we are facing more years of mediocrity because of it.
    They didn't see mediocre last year, and I highly doubt that we wouldn't have a top 3 record in the East this year if Danny was playing.

    They like to use the excuse that nobody with a big name would want to come here. That is ******** and a defeatist attitude. I am sick of it. Thy don't tolerate it in other markets why should we here?
    Again, stop confusing fans with management.

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