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    Default Marshon Brooks

    Indiana gets:
    Marshon Brooks
    Josh Childress

    Brooklyn gets:
    Miles Plumlee
    Sam Young
    2013 1st round draft pick

    Brooklyn gets an average bench player in Young plus Plumlee who could play some good minutes behing Lopez, plus a first round pick. Indiana gets Childress to make the trade work, plus Marshon Brooks, a player with good upside who does not fit into Brooklyn's schemes right now and he can come off the bench and score for us

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    Default Re: Marshon Brooks

    I'm definitely in favor of trading for Brooks, because he can create his own shot (something we've been missing for about three years) and could definitely bolster our bench. Not sure we'd need to include the 1st but I don't really see the Nets making any moves regardless. If they were, I think the move would involve adding more proven players since they're in win-now mode.

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    Don't think the Pacers will trade their Foster clone.

    I'd like Brooks, but Lance is coming into his own, and Brooks really isn't needed.

    What is needed is a backup pg and backup pf.
    First time in a long time, I've been happy with the team that was constructed, and now they struggle. I blame the coach.

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    Default Re: Marshon Brooks

    Not enough, we would have to give up at least Green and hopefully DJ.

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