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Thread: Question about surround sound

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    Default Question about surround sound

    Hi all,

    We just settled on our new house and are planning to move into it sometime this week.

    We have a entertainment room that is roughly 16 X 18/18.5 and my wife just purchased a 60 inch television.

    I know nothing about surround sound, but I want to know what my options are. Slash what I should be looking at? I am ok with spending ~$300. I remember back in college a few kdis had Bose systems, but I have also read they are not always worth the money.

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Question about surround sound

    You and your wife just bought a new house and her first purchase was a 60" TV? I can't tell you much about surround sound but I CAN tell you that SHE'S A KEEPER!!!!

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    Default Re: Question about surround sound

    I would go to the AVS Forums and poke around there to see what the current recommendations are.... as well as what to stay away from.

    You can buy the prepackaged setups, some better than others.... or you can piece together something. You might want to think about the future and what you'll be connecting to consider HDMI inputs and the like.

    I have an Onkyo Receiver TX SR608 that I'm pretty happy with. Directv, Blu Ray (with streaming apps... Netflix etc), HD-DVD all feed into it via HDMI and it has an HDMI port that feeds the TV. I also have an optical cable FROM the TV into the receiver to get audio/ Surround from my over the air stations that the TV tuner picks up.

    I have a Dayton powered sub and Dayton surround sound speakers that came from Parts Express ( ). These are budget speakers but for the money they sound really good and much better than what you'll typically find in HTB (Home Theater in a Box) pre packaged setups.
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    Default Re: Question about surround sound

    Quote Originally Posted by Bball View Post
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    I have an Onkyo Receiver TX SR608 that I'm pretty happy with. .
    Sounds like somebody did their homework.

    Like Bball suggests.... take your time and really think about it. The Mrs. sounds like a great lady and on board considering the large tv... but... that willing smile can turn into a real frown if you start drilling holes in the wall and hanging speakers above and behind. If you have a dedicated room to go all out then you are blessed.

    I'm lucky as I did convert a basement room into a theater/bar/family get together room. In this place I was allowed to do the surround (only 5.1) and it's nice. However in the regular family room she wouldn't be happy and actually I wouldn't either with a full surround setup unless speakers were recessed into the ceiling and hidden away.

    Best compromise and very pleasing results IMHO is going with a quality 2.1 system unless the room is dedicated to movie watching.

    Final comment.... stick with a quality name at the best deal and you'll be happy.
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