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Oh man you guys need to follow this link. Hollinger's analysis of Augustin, Rose, and Westbrook.


Trade Augustin to Memphis!
Should I call up Memphis and tell them it's not too late to change their minds on Hollinger over me for the job.

I said it elsewhere, DJ played straight up vs Rose and Chalmers and neither game went well. He got torn up on defense and forced his own offense going the other way.
During the year I started off coolish about Rose myself, same with Gordon. But seeing Rose progress took me out of the "should wait a year" to "he's ready to go". Contrast this with Collison and DJ who both started fairly well in my view and lost a bit when they hit some tough challenges.
Frankly I don't think Hollinger was watching enough NCAA ball. Seems like in that regard he was simply doing stats games with players and that's a lot trickier in such an uneven competition level. I found that you had to ignore numbers for the most part and look at the type of plays a player was making: NCAA caliber vs NBA caliber. When you watch enough NBA you know what plays and moves will work at the next level. That's how you could see Harangoody put up numbers at ND but know that his methods weren't going to translate very well, while Love was a very good NBA prospect despite seeming similar to him in some simplistic ways.