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    Default Dream Scenerio

    It's been stated and maybe overstated that Dwight Howard and Josh Smith would love to play together. I would love to help them accomplish that by taking Horford off their hands.

    West and Tyler for Horford and Ivan Johnson. Throw in a first rounder if needed.

    I love David West but I love the thought of Horford playing next to Hibbert better. Of course if I were Atlanta, I would try to sign Dwight AND Smith while keeping Horford. That would be a scary front court!

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    Default Re: Dream Scenerio

    Horford is a straight up winner. I'd love to get him here in a Pacers uni. And he wants to go back to playing PF.
    3 scenarios for the draft, starting with my favorite first:

    1. Pacers trade up for Justice Winslow

    2. Take WCS or Stanley Johnson (this is the theory of a player falling); Make trades (Hibbert/West/others) for additional picks - George Lucas and Rakeem Christmas are players I'd love to have with a late first/early 2nd round

    3. Trey Lyles

    I'm sure my opinion will change many times before the draft though.

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