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Thread: Is Paul George becoming a star?

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    There will definitely be some players getting snubbed. I think Paul's been the 5th best wing (SG/SF) this year, but with the change in the ballot I'm not sure how that affects him. Here's a list of guys I think deserve to make it. They can't all make it though...

    Williams... don't think he deserves it, but will probably make it anyway

    After looking at that, I think Paul has a better chance to make it than West. They'll have to take at least 1 from the Pacers if we're top 5-6, and there's more bigs that deserve to make the team than wings. Both probably deserve it, but I don't see anyway we send 2.

    Who would you guys send at PG? They usually send 3, although last year they sent 4 after Rondo took Joe Johnson's spot due to injury. IMO, as of now D. Williams should be the one left out.
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