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Thread: Is Paul George becoming a star?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdash View Post
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    I think the Granger injury might be a blessing in disguise for this team. It started off horribly, but now Paul George looks like he's stepping up his game and the team is learning to play without him. I think we are starting to hit our stride and if we can make a move to even marginally upgrade the bench, we could be very dangerous once Granger returns.

    As for the topic at hand--I'm still in wait and see mode. I like how he's been playing but I want to see him sustain this level of play for an extended period of time before making any proclamations.
    you know i thought this at the start of the season when we found out granger was gonna miss 3+ months. this would give PG the room to just do what he needed to do. then he started off rough and it seemed like he wasnt ready for that step yet. but now its back to, hey its PGs time.

    because of that, i want to see him keep it up for the rest of the season. that doesnt mean averaging 25 for the rest of the year. but it means keeping up his shooting and being aggressive like he is now. Even when Danny returns. I want him to hover around that 20ppg mark for the rest of the year. He is a good enough shooter to, especially if he stays aggressive.

    edit: as for the all star game, that would be tough. it really depends on how the other coaches look at Indiana. They know we are without Granger and struggled earlier. Will they overlook that, see that we are playing better as of late and see that PG is playing some phenomenal basketball? I mean if he keeps up the 20+ppg, he could make it. It would be hard to keep him off actually. Especially if we are pushing our record past .500 and have the division lead.
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