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For one thing, that sentence makes no sense at all. And for another, I would ask that you consider factors outside of current on-court performance when evaluating the value of a player as an asset. If you would do that, you would see that the pu pu platter of Hans/DJ (even with a non-lottery pick) isn't going to land you last year's #2 pick that has played only 50 games so far. Are you seriously comparing Williams with freaking Hasheem Thabeet? That is laughably preposterous.
Sentence makes perfect sense actually, and so what if he was drafted 2nd overall, 2nd overall picks are supposed to play and contribute, Williams hardly plays and when he does he hardly contributes, his trade stock does not reflect his draft positions, he has been a bust so far, no way around it. Hansbrough and Augustin and a 1st rounder are gonna be one of the top offers they will get for him