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Thread: Thunder/Pacers discussed Harden deal

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    Quote Originally Posted by boombaby1987 View Post
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    Dece, no one(or very few) on this board is happy with a perennial second round playoff exit. Guess what, its only happened once. How do you know this team is not going to be capable of improving upon last seasons success?

    Dece you have an extremely negative viewpoint, while someone like Naptown Seth has an extremely positive viewpoint. In reality, it is probably a balance between the two.
    I've typically had the rep of being pretty pessimisstic in the past (I used to have the Negative Nancy avitar - Nancy Regan Just Say No). I think I'm being realistic. I see high talent levels, elite defensive ability and 3 guys who are reaching a point of being able to score at will. Seems pretty strong to me.

    "Well, we're pretty good. We even took the Heat without Bosh to 6 games! That's good enough for me."
    Get ready for failure then. Since you are ONLY a Captain, you failed your career. Since you ONLY have 3 degrees, you failed your education. Have you won the Nobel Prize? No. Well I guess you just don't care about being smart or helping people, you are easily satisfied with lower levels of "success", which is really just "first place loser".

    The inability to distinguish between playing things smart, putting yourself in an optimal position for success without chasing excessive risk with potential catostrophic failure from "satisfied with failure" is just bizarre. Winners know that there are more factors than your own strategies and effort, and that the whims of the moment and the opponent's own efforts can derail even the most certain of outcomes. They are winners because they DON'T PANIC and chase after shiny objects, they take comfort in the confidence that they've lined things up well and are giving themselves the highest probability of winning. PROBABILITY of winning, not guarantee.

    So you go play your 19 team parlay or PowerBall and spend the rest of your life losing the potential to "win it all" while the rest of us go 401K our ways to solid success. I don't think it takes guts to take huge gambles. I think it takes guts to stick to the slower grind and not waiver in the face of adversity.

    BTW, the Colts and Dungy used this approach, the play it smart, don't gamble on defense, give yourself the most chances to win. In the end they won one and got close many other times. Apart from the Patriots (who have been hurt by gambles like Ocho and win by being smart) no other team showed that kind of run. Other teams gambled, took their shot at the top, missed and fell like a rock. The Colts took bad beats and just came back as strong as ever, year after year.

    The Jazz would NOT HAVE WON A TITLE if they had traded Stockton and Malone. Why? Because they would not have gotten Jordan in the trade. End of story. The Jazz didn't play it safe, satisified to keep losing. They reached the top and found out that even if you do everything possible to get there, you might just run into another guy a little bit better that will always have your number. Had they seen that and panicked with a Stockton and/or Malone dump "while they had value" they only would have wasted several great seasons where they took strong runs at the title.
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