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Please. I'm not going to speak for Mackey, but I feel like I've shown considerable restraint in the last year and a half. Frankly, because there was no reason to pile on. Even many of his ardent supporters are seeing now what I and a few others (mainly Mackey, Seth, and able) been talking about since 2009.

I've also tried to avoid all the "told ya so's" that seem to be so prevalent around here. It's just not at all something I wanted to feel right about. I was really hoping to be wrong. Unfortunately, that ship seems to have sailed.
The chances of me being the only person to think that are lower than Tyler hitting ten straight elbow jumpers.

I thought Tyler played very well for a while, especially right before O'Brien was fired. I also think he had a pretty strong start to last season and was a completely different player after getting hit in the head after several games. He has no excuse this season, imo. He's missing wide open jumpers, which opponents are begging him to shoot. He still adds something to the game but he's a noticeably better player when he feels involved offensively.