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    Default Re: Pacers/OKC POSTGAME THREAD

    Stephenson should have been in there. I'm not sure Frank appreciates what he does for our other players when he's on the court. When Lance is playing well, 23 minutes isn't enough. It would have been nice having him in when we were scoring 2 in the last 5 minutes.

    With that said, Green did played well. I'd like to see him get some (if not most) of Young's minutes. I haven't been impressed with his game recently at all. I'm starting to think he's as dumb a player as Green without the talent. His defense has fallen off recently and without that he's pretty much useless.

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    Default Re: Pacers/OKC POSTGAME THREAD

    Quote Originally Posted by D-BONE View Post
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    Appreciate this post. I'm not anti - green. I just don't see that he's done a whole lot of worth given what I think we need out of him. Your post brings into question if he's being used to his strengths.

    I agree with you - and you've seen him more than me - that he's not a creator with the dribble. Totally agree that he can operate off a dribble move of up to roughly two dribbles. Honestly, as recently as last year, I think that's a good description of DG as well.

    Anyway, there's what Gerald is capable of. There's what the coaching staff is trying to do with him. And there's whether the braintrust's evaluation of his talent was accurate given what we need, which is a dynamic scoring option off the bench. I would like to see our approach play more to his strengths. At the same time, I think we banked on him being the level / type of player we needed off the bench. Personally, I think they misjudged either our needs and / or his ceiling given those needs.
    I can more than understand anyone's hesitation/doubt/concern with Green. As big of a Green fan as I am, I'm well aware of his flaws, and there are a lot of them. In terms of whether the front office evaluated him poorly, I'm not sure. I think 3 years was probably too long for a guy who was coming off his first successful 700 minutes of NBA basketball. There is/was a lot of reason to believe that his jumpshot had made marked improvement since his time earlier in the league. Most people only see the 700 minutes with the Nets, but his shooting stroke in the DLeague was impressive to say the least. I know it's the DLeague, but 60/131 from 3 (46%) is impressive against pretty much any competition. His continued hot shooting with the Nets seemed to validate that the shooting touch he showed in the DLeague wasn't a fluke.

    So you can look at him one of a few ways:
    a. He's a quality shooter who's currently in a cold streak. He's probably not quite as good of a shooter as he showed last year, but 43-45% from the field and 36-40% from 3 should be expected in the right situation.
    b. Last season was a mirage, he's not a good shooter. He's not as bad as we've seen so far, but expecting more than 40-42% from the field and 33-35% from 3 is probably a mistake.

    If I'd never seen Green play before (or only in passing), I'd probably choose B. His jumper has looked pretty awful since preseason, and as a stats guy, his sample size last year isn't nearly big enough to convince someone that it was anything more than some variance. But I've obviously seen a lot of Green, probably more than just about anyone, and for me it's pretty easy to spot what's going wrong with him the majority of the time. In this case, I think most of it boils down to a lack of confidence and the way he's being used, the latter problem compounding the former. I think the best thing Vogel could do is run a few plays designed to get Green easy baskets or to the free throw line. If Green doesn't have full confidence in his jumper, get him involved other ways, and that confidence is more likely to return than if he keeps spotting up without success. It's like diversifying your investments, if one stock takes a dip your whole portfolio isn't screwed. Green's poor jumpshooting wouldn't be nearly as noticeable if he was being used to do anything other than spot up offensively.

    I'd like to tell you that everything's going to be fine in Pacerland with Green. I can assure you he'll hit a hot shooting streak at some point offensively that will make everything seem ok again, and you'll wonder how he could have ever looked this bad. But as long as he's used as nothing more than a spot up shooter, he's going to be prone to these cold stretches. The worst part might be that his confidence has a far bigger impact on the rest of his game than it should. When he's scoring/shooting well there's an extra bounce in his step defensively, on the glass, he just looks like a different guy than the one Pacer fans have seen so far.

    A Gerald Green fan who now finds himself rooting for the Suns.

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    Default Re: Pacers/OKC POSTGAME THREAD

    Quote Originally Posted by Eleazar View Post
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    I hope this is a break out game of sorts for Green where he starts playing more like sixth man material, and less like the 8th or 9th. Overall he has been shooting better this month (.458) so far, but it is still too early to call it a trend.
    I hope that we see Green posting up more. I know that he can do it. Time to use him to his strengths.

    That's not ball handling. That's posting up.

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