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Thread: What the heck is wrong with you people?

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    Default What the heck is wrong with you people?

    I've been on here since july-Ish, I just havent posted a lot. I feel like some people on here are real fans, and then there are people who sound like they aren't even watching the same team! There are those people who make it sound like hell is breaking loose during a game that I don't understand.

    Guys, keep in mind that this is a SMALL MARKET TEAM! We're not going to always be able to compete with the big markets. It's like having a 100 million $ house and a 25 million $ house, I could tell you which ones gonna be better 90% of the time.

    One last thing, why do some people see a player for one game and then lock on to the opinion that they suck? Gerald Green, bad decision maker, but he can shoot and dunk fairly well. Ian Mahinmi is easily one of the better bench 5s in the NBA! Tyler Hansbrougj, if psycho T could find his J, he would be a really decent 4 that brings great energy off the bench. Sam Young, he can hit his 3, lockdown defender, only downside is that he tries to do too much sometimes, AT LEAST HES TRYING!

    I don't understand people on here, why are you so negative?

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