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Thread: We need to talk about Augustin

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    Default We need to talk about Augustin

    I know we have already talked about his performances in the match/post match threads but i think it deserves a separate thread.
    What are we gonna do with him?Should we move him even if it's one year contract?I think we should do that if we want to have any glimmer of hope and success in the playoffs.

    It's kinda crazy but he offers nothing.He is getting destroyed by almost everyone who faces him.Offensively we thought we got a shrewd point guard who could organize the game very well and easily find a teammate in a good position to score.We have seen none of that.Decision making is suspect at best.BTW is it only me who sees that his dribbling is sometimes "weird"?I mean sometimes he bounces the ball and it reaches almost his head height.What makes it worse,is that he's not even good at free throws.

    ***** Christ,we're talking about a complete failure so far.As being said already,i thought we were getting a really good player who could help us coming off the bench.I know some will say "Pacers,where the PGs come and die" but in this case it's all about him.And don't get me started with the Collison comparisons.Give me DC over the current DJ all night long.

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