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Thread: Odd Thoughts: Blinded by Gold Dust

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    Quote Originally Posted by Since86 View Post
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    I'm not sure what you guys were expecting with the cap room. Once Roy and GH was re-signed, there wasn't a whole lot of cap room left. Only about 8-9million

    So what players would have been better signings with that amount of cash? That's to fill 3 positions btw, so one good bench player eats up pretty much all of it. Choose wisely.
    Like Peck says, we missed Scola by two days. Why did we have to sign Hill so quickly when he was restricted? Why couldn't we try any amnesty players?

    Why didn't we make a run at Jason Kidd? NY got him for three years 9 million. I don't care if Kidd is almost 40 because he's exactly the type of player of that we need. His presence is a major reason why NY is so improved this year. A champion like Kidd with that sort of experience and work ethic has a presence that rubs off on everyone in the locker room. Our entire core is basically young players. We need some old vets who have been around the block. A young player like DJ Augistin who has played the bulk of his career on crappy Bobcats teams isn't the type of player that we need. We needed an old vet like Kidd who you could count on to make plays in a playoff series. He will be extremely valuable to NY come playoff time. DJ Augistin likely won't be very valuable to the Pacers in May.

    Would Jason Kidd have picked Indy over NYC? Probably not. But you never know until you try. Maybe they did try, but I have a hard time believing that wouldn't be leaked out by the Pacers. You want it leaked to the fans that you're trying to improve the team.
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