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    Default Odd Thoughts: Blinded by Gold Dust

    Once again I have to be somewhere in the morning so we are just going to do the bulletpoint version of Odd Thoughts tonight.

    But before I go there I just want to make sure I say this here in case I don’t say it later, our bench sucks.

    • For everybody blaming Lance for missing that one free throw let me remind you of the end of the first half blown layup by Paul George. There were two points left hanging on the board that I would like to have right now wouldn’t you?
    • Our bench as a unit is just terrible, for the life of me I do not understand why Frank thinks he has to play them as a group. I understand that you have to give the starters a break but even if he has to rotate them out one at a time he is going to have to change this.
    • If I never see D.J. Augustin play again it will be too soon for me. Since this was the 20th game I think we have enough of a sampling to say that this isn’t working. I’m not kidding when I say this; he is playing himself out of the league right now.
    • Great defense or not Roy has got to stop having 30% shooting nights. On occasion I understand but this is unacceptable. Some of his misses are put back attempts so he gets a little break there but if nothing else just rebound the ball and kick it out if you can’t go up strong with it.
    • This wasn’t George Hill’s strongest shooting night either but he did outplay Lawson significantly. I’m not thrilled he didn’t know we were down three but I can’t be upset with him for shooting that shot because time was gone. He can be blamed though for being to blatant in an attempt to draw a foul, refs are probably not going to call that on most nights.
    • Speaking of which, I wonder if Danny will hear from the league office for verbal abuse of the refs. After the game was over Danny went out on the court and berated them for a good 3-4 min before finally leaving.
    • Also on the foul called on Lance going against Miller I thought Frank was going to attack someone. He jumped up yelled very loud curse words that all of us on our end the floor are now going to have to go to church for and he even accidently kicked Dan Burke in the process.
    • If you have ever wondered allowed that Faried might be as good as David West you may now never ask that question again, ever. I did not realize how small he was prior to tonight either; David West dwarfed him in both size and height.
    • Our bench totally blows
    • Gerald Green played 12:33 and I have no idea what he did.
    • However as crappy as Green was let me give you this wonderful stat line by Hansbrough. 1 rebound (that was his positive contribution) 3 fouls 1 turn over and 1 humiliating shot that was actually blocked back in time by McGee. BTW Tyler was the only person in the fieldhouse who didn’t see that block coming.
    • But not to be outdone in the race to see which bench player sucked the most was D.J. Augustin who had as many turnover (3) as he did points (1) & assists (2) combined not to mention being played like a kettle drum by Andre Miller on defense.
    • Neither Sam nor Ian had good games but at least the two of them didn’t totally embarrass Dr. James Naismith the way the other three did.
    • Our bench is just horrid
    • Lance Stephenson had good and bad moments; more good than bad IMO but I know Seth wasn’t happy with his end of the game ball handling. I wasn’t as upset but I see his point. Still though I like it when he attacks the basket, he would have only hit that one free throw.
    • Paul had a decent game, I don’t think it was as good as his final stat line shows (he hit a lot of three’s tonight so IMO that always inflates things but hey he hit them so you can’t take that away from him) but I will also say that he was being defended by an Olympic caliber defender. BTW he was wide open in the corner if only West would have seen him for a shot to end the game.
    • David West was on pace to become all world in the first half. Didn’t miss and was hitting from everywhere. But in second half slowed way down and by the 4th quarter he not only was not hitting he was actually missing some defensive assignments. The Nuggets went small and I think it threw him off.

    Sigh, back to .500% with our next game facing the Thunder.

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