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    So it's Bird's fault when Bird was here, but Simon's fault now that Walsh is back? Take off your Walsh colored glasses.
    Maybe I didn't make it clear or you read my statement incorrectly. I said the buck stops with Walsh as he's in charge. The buck stopped with with Bird when Bird was in charge.

    My glasses are fine, I have no problem seeing the problem is Walsh's poor decision making. Not to mention, I stated awhile back that I'd rather have Bird back than have Walsh, and that comes from someone who wasn't a Bird the FO guy fan. I vehemently voiced my displeasure about Walsh being brought back by Simon. My concerns have been more than justified by Walsh's decision making. I can only hope Walsh being back in charge is a ONE N DONE! I'm not sure the Pacers franchise can afford more Walsh decision making.

    Walsh's revamped bench was 4-16 or 25% FG shooting last night. Walsh's 2 overpaid 22 mil starters of Hill 5-15 33% FG and Hibbert 3-10 30% FG.

    J McGee 20 pts on 9-9 shooting in 30 min at 10 mil. Denver's FO didn't overpay to keep McGee.

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