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Thread: 12/7/2012 Game Thread #20: Pacers Vs. Nuggets

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    Default 12/7/2012 Game Thread #20: Pacers Vs. Nuggets



    Game Time Start: 7:00 PM ET
    Where: The Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, IN
    Officials: M. McCutchen, C. Kirkland, D. Richardson

    Media Notes: Indiana Notes, Denver Notes
    Television: FOX Sports Indiana / Altitude
    Radio: WFNI 1070 AM / KKFN 104.3 FM & 950 AM
    NBA Feeds:

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    Season Records: (W-L)
    Home: 5-2
    West: 6-4
    Away: 4-9
    East: 2-5
    Upcoming Games:
    Dec 09
    Dec 12
    Dec 14
    Dec 15

    Projected Starting Lineup:
    Projected Starting Lineup:

    Danny Granger - left knee tendinosis (out)

    Wilson Chandler Ė Left Hip (out)
    Julyan Stone Ė Right Hip (out)

    Perpetually Disappointing to Trader Joe Minimally Relevant Video:

    Semi-Relevant Video:

    Eight Points, Nine Seconds Review:
    Jared Wade: Paul Georgeís Great Passing Against the Blazers

    Iíve mentioned a few times that last nightís win over the Portland Trailblazers might
    have been the best passing game Iíve seen Paul George ever have. Some

    The first three dishes shown are obviously excellent: the rise to shoot then dish to
    George Hill at the rim; the two-handed overhead bounce pass to a cutting Ian
    Mahinmi; the over-the-top entry to David West. Each led directly to an easy two

    The others are a little more subtle but also help illustrate his growth as a decision
    maker. Because that is often what is more important as a passer than anything. We
    oooh and aaahhh at the the highlight assists (like the one George threw to Mahinmi),
    but even if youíre Jason Kidd, those types of finishes are few and far between. What
    is more important is consistently making the right read and furthering the offenseís
    advantage over the defense.

    Thatís what we see in the rest of the video. Some of Georgeís passes donít even
    lead to made buckets. But they all show the decisiveness that he plays with at his
    best. Itís all instinctual. There is no dilly-dallying. He just sees a teammate who is
    in a position to exploit the opponent and delivers a quick, accurate pass that allows
    his teammate to get off a good shot.

    The second-to-last dish (at the 1:13 mark) is the best illustration of Paulís growth as
    a creator.

    He starts the play on the weakside wing and makes a flex cut to the opposite block,
    where he receives an entry pass while being guarded by Nic Batum. He catches a
    little far out on the baseline...CONTINUE READING AT 8p9s

    Roundball Mining Company:
    Donít bogart that ball, McGee - Video Scouting Report

    When JaVale McGee is on the court he uses a big chunk of Denverís possessions.
    According to, among regular rotation players, he has the
    highest usage rate on the team at 23.9 percent. Despite this, he also has the third
    lowest assist rate at 3.6 percent. Kosta Koufos has the second lowest, 3.1 percent,
    and Kenneth Faried the lowest assist rate, 2.0 percent. Naturally, all three of the
    Nuggetsí main frontcourt players earn their keep around the rim, finishing plays and
    putting back offensive boards, the big difference between McGee and the other two
    is that he actually spends a significant amount of time with the ball in his hands.

    Compare his usage rate with that of Koufos, lowest among rotation players at 12.4
    percent, and Faried, third lowest at 18.6 percent. (A surprising side note here is that
    Andre Miller is second lowest with a 17.6 percent usage rate thatís very modest
    considering how much he handles the ball). In short, Kosta and Kenneth should be
    given a free pass for their low assist rates, because the vast majority of the time,
    when they get the ball, theyíre right there at the rim, and the best thing to do is
    immediately put it in the basket.

    This is not always the case with JaVale, who handles the ball in the post much
    more than the other two. Examining the data from, we can
    see that in many ways the shot selection of all three players is fairly similar across
    the board. However, there are three play types which one player uses significantly
    more than the other two:

    Faried and Koufos take more shots off offensive rebounds and cuts, respectively,
    than their frontcourt counterparts. Both of these play types, of course, necessitate
    taking the ball to the rim. There is no place for passing there. McGee, however, has
    a higher percentage of post-ups than the other two, a play from which he has the
    option to pass or shoot.

    But pass he does not. This season McGee is averaging less than half an assist per
    game. More starkly put, in 13 games he has dished out a single lone assist in five
    different games, and zero assists in the remaining eight games. Itís also worth
    noting that three of his assists this season were made in transition, and just two
    made in the flow of an offensive set (one from the top of the key, and one from
    the low post). As a general rule, once JaVale gets the ball in position, he gets
    tunnel vision straight to the basket, and everything else on the court fades out of
    sight and out of mind.

    All of this might not be as great a problem if it werenít for the fact that JaVale is
    scoring a measly 0.5 points per possession on post-ups. Compare that with Marc
    Gasolís 1.09, Tim Duncanís 0.99, or for that matter Andre Millerís 1.05 PPP from
    the post, and itís easy to see that McGee still has a long way to go in getting a
    handle on the moves he learned from Hakeem Olajuwon last summer and putting
    them to positive effect.

    In the meantime, as he finds his way through that process with the guidance of
    the coaching staff, he needs to improve his own and his teamís efficiency by
    making a concerted effort to dish it out more often from the post when the
    occasion calls for it. This would result in fewer wasted possessions, as probable
    missed shots got replaced by plays kept alive for more open, higher percentage

    Perhaps just as importantly, if opposing defenses know that JaVale always shoots
    and never dishes to cutters or shooters, then they are not kept honest. They can
    collapse on McGee with double or even triple teams with no fear of getting punished
    for leaving the perimeter unguarded. He can potentially earn himself better shots by
    forcing defenses to respect his ability to find open shots for his teammates.

    What follows are breakdowns of the five clips in the video at the bottom of this post.
    (If you open the video up in Youtube, you can jump to any clip by clicking the times
    in the description). All we can do is hope that the Nuggets film crew is working
    closely with McGee to show him similar footage and stress the importance of the
    kinds of points weíre making here.

    Clip 1 Ė Missed running hook shot

    This is one of those cases where McGee is so determined to make his move to the
    basket that he completely fails to survey the court. The first time he gets the ball
    on this possession, he does the right thing and passes out of the hard double team.
    But the second time around, in his haste to take a shot, he doesnít recognize that
    the defense has collapsed into the middle, and misses the opportunity to dish it out
    to either Jordan Hamilton or Andre Iguodala, both of whom are wide open. As a
    sidenote on this clip, Danilo Gallinari sets a very nice screen on Kevin Love to give
    JaVale room to operate. It would be great to see him set these kinds of hard
    screens more often on pick and rolls with the point guards.

    Clip 2 Ė Missed short range jump shot

    In this clip, Tiago Spillter does a good job of preventing JaVale from getting position,
    holding him to the side of the key where he gets the ball from Andre Miller. McGee
    makes a nice spin move to shake off Splitter, but similarly to clip 1, the defense has
    sunk into the paint. There are two help defenders lurking nearby ready to close in on
    JaVale, which they promptly do when he makes his move. affecting his shot and
    most likely causing the miss...CONTINUE READING AT ROUNDBALL MINING COMPANY

    140 Characters of (Non-PD) Coverage

    Mike Wells @MikeWellsNBA
    Jared Wade @8pts9secs
    Tim Donahue @TimDonahue8p9s
    Tom Lewis @indycornrows

    Benjamin Hochman @nuggetsnews
    Jeremy Wagner @RoundballMiner
    Aaron J. Lopez @Lopez_Nuggets
    Pierre @JaValeMcGee34
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