or at least I didn't see it discussed anywhere.

Here is the quote from the star.

Ron Artest, who was suspended for the remainder of the season, will rejoin the team in practice at an undetermined date, according to Pacers CEO Donnie Walsh. The NBA originally said he would not be allowed to do so, but has relented.

The suspensions of Artest, O'Neal and Jackson are under appeal by the NBA Players Association, so their status could change pending the outcome.

Rumors have begun to circulate that Artest will play for a team overseas during his suspension, but Walsh said he would not allow that even if the suspension is not reduced.

"He remains the property of the Indiana Pacers and the NBA," Walsh said. "We have an obligation to him that extends beyond this year. We can't isolate Ronnie from the franchise and the players."

A couple of things.

1. Does anybody other than me find the term "He remains the property of the Indiana Pacers and the NBA" a very poor choice of words by Donnie? I know it is technically correct but wouldn't it have been better to say that "he remains under contract to the Pacers & the NBA" a better choice of words. Sound a little dehumanizing to me.

2. I find it telling that Ron will return at an undetermined date. Is that undetermined time our choice or his?

3. Will Ron perceive it to be a slap in the face by the team that they won't let him play overseas. I know why they aren't allowing it, but will Ron? Or will he now think the Pacers are punishing him by not allowing him to make a living along with the league?

Just things to ponder.