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Thread: Haislip is not a team player

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    Default Haislip is not a team player

    My 2cents on the losses this weekend. The biggest difference I saw at the Clippers and Warriors vs. what we saw on the court with Orlando, Boston and Timberwolves is a complete dedication to team play.

    The Pacers were the closest things I had seen to a college (or an even higher compliment - an international) team in a long time.

    However, something stuck out at me like a sore thumb watching the two games this weekend - Marcus Haislip. Maybe I am reading into it too much, but he was jacking up shots like AI. Plus (or in this case - minus), he was not going near the boards. I believe he had a total of 2 boards in 26 minutes at Golden State (off the top of my head).

    This is not a criticism of talent or potential. But he just looks like a guy who wants to prove that he should still be in the league and has no appreciation for the camaraderie and esprit de corps that was rampant on the team just last week.

    You could argue that he is new and just learning the plays.... if so, then why is he talking 10+ shots (and hitting 30%)? Scoring was not an issue with the short-handed 7. Rebounding, defense and a breather is what we need from him.

    I stress - I do not blame the two losses on Haislip alone, but he just does not seem like a guy who is here to help us win - but to instead win him a long term contract. In the long run, that will only hurt the team.

    My 2cents.

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    Default Re: Haislip is not a team player

    He does seem to stick out that way. Hope I'm wrong but he needs to learn the team concept real quick or we might be another team that just him go.
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