I agree he was garbage last night, same old DC, can't pass or create for others and sucks on D.

3-pointer: Darren Collison disappoints again

Letís just say Darren Collison didnít do anything in Los Angeles to convince Rick Carlisle that it was a bad idea to give away the point guardís starting job.

A moment early in the fourth quarter illustrated why the Mavs canít trust Collison to run their team. His sloppy, careless pass was easily intercepted by Matt Barnes, leading to a fast-break opportunity for the Clippers that Barnes finished with a layup.

Carlisle responded by calling a timeout. The reason he wanted the break was to bench Collison, who was replaced by Dominique Jones with the Mavs trailing by 21 points.

Collison got back off the bench for garbage time. He committed another turnover on his first possession after checking back into the game.

Collison padded his point total during garbage time, but his line in the box score was still butt ugly: eight points, two assists, two rebounds, four fouls and five turnovers in 18 minutes. The Mavs were outscored by 24 with him on the floor, the worst plus-minus of any player.

By contrast, Fisher was the only Mav who finished with a positive plus-minus. Dallas outscored the Clippers by two points in Fisherís 25 minutes, with the 38-year-old point guard scoring 15 points on 5-of-11 shooting.