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Wilt the Stilt was JUST AWESOME. He was so unbelieveably athletic, agile, and mobile. The greatest big man EVER!! He could be said the greatest BB player ever.

The problem I have with this thread is that few posters on this board have seen players who played in the 50's 60's, or 70's. If you never saw them play, you are at a great disadvantage ranking players.

Wilt was THE player in his time! He was head and shoulders above the rest. Chamberlain didn't have the quality of players surrounding him like Russell did, thus he didn't win Championships, but what he did do was make his team championship caliber contenders by himself. Most don't remember or know Wilt's 1st team was the Phiadelphia Warriors. Quick name another player on that team without goggling the answer. I watched many a game of Wilt's, and that's why I can say how GREAT he was!

How many are aware after the NBA that Wilt played volleyball? He was an ATHLETE personified!
Wilt hated be called "the stilt". His favorite nickname was "The Big Dipper". We are also forgetting about his most impressive athletic achievement, Wilt's 20,000...... ...