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Thread: 12/5/2012 Game Thread #19: Pacers Vs. Blazers

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    Default 12/5/2012 Game Thread #19: Pacers Vs. Blazers



    Game Time Start: 7:00 PM ET
    Where: The Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, IN
    Officials: M. Davis, S. Conner, S. Corbin

    Media Notes: Indiana Notes, Portland Notes
    Television: FOX Sports Indiana / Comcast SportsNet
    Radio: WFNI 1070 AM / KEX 1190 AM & 102.3 FM
    NBA Feeds:

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    Season Records: (W-L)
    Home: 4-2
    West: 5-4
    Away: 4-7
    East: 3-5
    Upcoming Games:
    Dec 07
    Dec 09
    Dec 12
    Dec 14

    Projected Starting Lineup:
    Projected Starting Lineup:

    Danny Granger - left knee tendinosis (out)

    Victor Claver - right elbow contusion (questionable)
    Elliot Williams - left Achilles tendon (out)

    Perpetually Disappointing to Trader Joe Minimally Relevant Video:

    Semi-Relevant Video:

    New Coke World Order Conspiracy of the Game:
    So why is Roy Hibbert having a less than stellar season? Slow offensive start?

    HA! That's what they want you to believe.

    Tonight we're going to have conclusive evidence of what I consider to be a
    systematic sabotaging from within. Keep an eye on Roy Hibbert's offensive and
    defensive output tonight. A poor statistical performance combined with allowing
    Portland's frontcourt to have their way with the rim will obviously, unquestionably
    illustrate once and for all that Roy Hibbert's so-called 'slow start' is really just
    Hibbert passive-aggressively lashing out and punishing the Pacers organization
    for matching Portland's contract offer last July.

    Don't believe me? You can find all the information you need by Googling
    "Portland + Rim Job".**

    **Maybe don't actually Google that

    Or take a look at the stats. No, of course, you won't find the right stats on They say these stats are "false" or "unsubstantiated" or
    "completely, entirely fabricated". Yeah, like that's not the first move by any
    organization trying to hide a conspiracy: deny, deny, deny. But a graph exists,
    so how can they deny that? Witness this statistical truth:

    As you can see, Roy has been systematically allowing points to be scored on
    him by teams he wishes he could play for. It couldn't be any clearer than that,
    my friends. He's been attempting to make his intentions less obvious by
    making sure that at least five sections of the floor are well defended while
    leaving a whopping five other areas of the floor shooting above 35.7%.

    And if that wasn't enough to blow your mind, take a gander at this:

    An insane 90% of Hibbert's pouting has taken place below the blocks. It's not
    entirely clear why Hibbert has been pouting less around 17 feet from the
    basket. I can only assume it's meant as a diversion. This would explain why
    perimeter oriented bigs (titans like Matt Bonner and Troy Murphy) haven't
    faired well against Hibbert's suspect performance this year.

    Have I connected enough dots for you people? Can't you see what's
    going on? Am I the only one who gets it?

    Ball Don’t Lie:
    Eric Freeman: Damian Lillard is afraid of historic statues

    After only a few short months of play, Portland Trail Blazers rookie point guard Damian
    Lillard looks capable beyond his years. While his defense still needs work, Lillard has
    shown himself to be a dynamic offensive talent and the current frontrunner for Rookie
    of the Year honors. He'll be a building block for the Blazers for a long time to come.

    However, Lillard has a lot of growing up to do. Like, say, not being afraid of "historic
    statues." From two tweets on his Twitter account (via TBJ):

    I like DC. I wana come back and visit the memorials even though
    I'm scared of statues

    People I'm only scared of historic statues. Abraham Lincoln , MLK,
    etc. Had a bad experience at the wax museum lmao

    Later, Lillard explained his fear to USA Today's Jeff Zillgitt:

    He has trouble pinpointing the exact time he fretted seeing
    statues and monuments but said the uneasy feeling was palpable
    during a visit to a wax museum two summers ago before his
    senior season at Weber State.

    "The last room was Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Martin Luther
    King, Malcolm X, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln — all
    these big-time historic people, and it looked just like them. Same
    size," he said. "They had music playing in the room to set the
    mood, and it just threw me off."

    "Ever since then I've done. Even at Lake Oswego (near Portland),
    I drive past the cemetery, and there's a statue of ***** with his
    hands up. That even scared me. I don't mess with statues no more.

    "It's the idea that they're from so far back, and so big in our
    history. Just to see something that looks so close to them, it's
    weird. It freaks me out."

    Driving through D.C. Tuesday night with monuments lit up, "was
    crazy. All I could think of was Abraham Lincoln getting killed,"
    Lillard said.

    I would really like to know which mood-setting music the wax museum played to throw
    off Lillard. My guess is that it was not Paul Anka.

    Now, it bears mentioning that Lillard is not the only young basketball player to hold on
    to childhood fears or habits. LeBron James, for instance, still bites his nails, and everyone
    pretty much agrees that he's now an adult winner who really understands what it takes to
    be a true professional. Lillard can still succeed despite being scared that the statue at the
    Jefferson Memorial will detach itself from its base and start terrorizing the nation for not

    Hang Time Blog:
    Fran Blinebury: Blazers Face the Aldridge Question

    It’s getting late early in Portland.

    Of course, the shadows can’t get much longer and the outlook much bleaker than when
    you’ve become the first team all season to lose to the Wizards.

    Still, these things happen. If it were a one-game pratfall, it would be easier for the Trail
    Blazers to move on up the road and try to work out their frustrations on the soon-to-be-
    Rondo-less Celtics.

    But the trouble is that 15 games into this season, it is already beginning to look a lot like
    last season. And the one before. And the one before.

    “Inexcusable,” is the way guard Wesley Matthews described the loss at Washington and
    nobody was really sure if he was talking about the way the Blazers shot the ball,
    rebounded, defended or got off the bus.

    Intolerable for their fans is the knowledge that over the past decade, the Blazers have
    done more rebuilding than FEMA and still have little to show for it. They have the longest
    current Western Conference drought without winning a playoff series (13 seasons and
    counting) and are giving little indication that it’s about to end. Enthusiasm for new coach
    Terry Stotts’ up-tempo, move-the-ball offense is leaking like air from a flat tire.

    All of which quickly brings up the question of what to do with LaMarcus Aldridge?

    The Blazers official stance is: nothing. That’s what general manager Neil Olshey told
    Aldridge in an October meeting, asking for patience and promising that the power
    forward would not be traded.

    But how wise is that...CONTINUE READING AT HANG TIME

    140 Characters of (Non-PD) Coverage

    Mike Wells @MikeWellsNBA
    Jared Wade @8pts9secs
    Tim Donahue @TimDonahue8p9s
    Tom Lewis @indycornrows

    Jason Quick @jwquick
    Ben Golliver @blazersedge
    Joe Freeman @BlazerFreeman
    PDX Roundball @pdxroundball
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