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Thread: NBA backs off...

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    Default NBA backs off...

    Lastest on the appeal situation.

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    I'm confused. What was the restraining order about and how does this affect how long untill Kaplan can make his decision?

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    Default Re: NBA backs off...

    Be verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry suspicious of this move.
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    Interesting that the arbitrator is apparently going to hear the facts on the case before he rules on whether he has jurisdiction. That indicates to me that he sees some validity in the Players Association argument that the Commissioner does not have sole responsibility in this incident since much of the action took place outside the playing court.

    I can hope anyway, right?

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    The NBA isn't attending the meeting because it indicates they agree with the meeting. They are staying away so they can say in court that the meeting wasn't allowed by the collective bargaining agreement and therefore didn't require attendance. Any results of the meeting are irrelevant.

    David Stern and the NBA know what they are doing and I guarantee their non-attendance helps their case.


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    "Kaplan will hear arguments on both issues -- jurisdiction and just cause -- before issuing a ruling on either. If he rules against the union on the jurisdictional issue, the second part of the hearing will have been rendered moot.

    If he rules in the union's favor on both arguments, the league would take immediate action in federal court, Granik said."

    if Kaplan decided to only reduce JO's suspension not others', I wonder if that counts as "he rules in the union's favor", and whether the league would still take it to federal court...

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    Default Re: NBA backs off...

    I think the league realized they were really hurting themselves with the union if they filled that restraining order. Now, they only have to fight if/when the arbitrator rules against them.

    Still, this is good news. Even if the NBA files their restraining order after the ruling, it still gets the idea out that the suspensions were excessive, and public opinion may turn some.
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    Default Re: NBA backs off...

    No, they are saying that if he says he as authority to hear it, the league will then file their injunction, but if he says I don't have authority, they go home happy.
    Two affects: delays the filing of the writ in Fed Court...thus delaying reduction of the suspensions.

    2...It allows them to hope it is thrown back to them without a fight.

    MY GUESS....he's going to hear both arguements ...for Arbitration and why the suspensions are too long. He will then come out and say..."I do not have jusrisdiction over this matter the CBA spells it out clearly, but, IMO the suspensions were too heavy.

    In that way, Stern keeps his control and the Union gets to say "see we told ya so". and in the end, nothing will change ....except for a new battle to fight within the CBA.

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