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Thread: Titans-Colts

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    Ecstatic about the win. Pretty crappy game from Luck. Ballard looks good. Nothing against Carter, but I wish they'd let Ballard get some goal - line shots when he has to bust his *** doing the heavy lifting to get the ball to that position. Just a bizarre tale of two halves. Which Colts DBs were the real Colts DBs? Or was it which Jake Locker was the real Jake Locker?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wage View Post
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    Yep, if the Pats win tomorrow and the Colts win out, the division goes back to it's rightful owner. As unlikely as that is, before the season I would have said it was ever more unlikely that the Colts could be in control of their own destiny to win the division at week 15.
    I didn't think they would have a winning record this year
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    I thought that was probably Luck's worst game of the season given that it was a home game against fairly weak competition. You expect him to look bad on the road against the likes of New England, Chicago, and the Jets, but not so much at home against a team that we've already beat on the road this year. He overthrew receivers multiple times yesterday. There were a couple of really bad ones with Flener and I think one with Hilton. He also has to know when a play isn't there and just throw it away. He took a couple of sacks yesterday where he had plenty of time to get rid of the ball.

    But of course, the O-line was a major factor in all that. Hard to fault a rookie QB too much when his line is getting completely owned.

    Virtually all of Luck's problems can be attributed to being a rookie. This stuff will be fixed with experience and practice.

    Of course, you still can't take the Titans lightly even though they have an awful record. Division games are always tough because of the familiarity that each team has with one another.

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    Pat McAfee just said on Bob and Tom that he was just going to do a regular punt, but there was a guy dressed in a Santa suit making a perfect line from him to the corner going just outside the pylon so he aimed for that guy and killed it. I don't get how these guys do it. I know they're talented and practice, but geez. I could have carried the ball to that spot and screwed it up and he kicked it there from 150 feet away.

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