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I agree with you...I have no problem letting him grow into that role....the problem is that we have 4.5 months to evaluate whether this is a role that he should be taking on. This very question should have been asked and answered last season or even the season before than....not the season before his contract is up.

At this point....given how DJ is doing at the point.....I am more inclined to throw Lance into the deep end of the pool now just to see if he can sink or swim as the Backup PG......rather than not FULLY know whether he can do it or not....and then sign him to a long term contract and HOPE that he figures it out.

The reality is that we no longer have the luxury of letting him "marinate", the FO has 4.5 months to evaluate whether him. The Coaching Staff either has to "stick him in the oven" to see if he turns out to be "Angus Steak" or leave him in the fridge and see if we've overpaid for "Hamburger".
Lance has one more year on his contract at below $1 million. We got time. Also if we would have "asked" last season or the season before he would have failed miserably.