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Thread: Vogel needs to do a better job with Lance

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    Default Vogel needs to do a better job with Lance

    In our last game, Lance shot 3-4, scored 8 points, 4 rebounds, and had 4 assists and one turnover. I think everything but one rebound and the turnover came in the first half.

    After the turnover in the second half, Vogel sat Lance with over five minutes left in the third. He never returned.

    This is no way to treat a player, especially one that is performing well. I don't like the head games it may be causing.

    This is at least the second game where it seems like Lance gets benched because Paul George is having an absolutely lousy game. I guess Vogel feels the need to punish something but can't touch the golden child.

    Personally, I'm ready to see Lance moved to the second unit. Not because he isn't better than Green and Young. He clearly is. But because Lance has some serious skills and needs to be developing them, and he can't do it right now when Vogel has decreed that George Hill will run all pick and rolls and Lance will stand in the corner. Bad use of resources, Frank.

    Have Lance run the pick and roll while George Hill is on the bench. Free Lance. Let him develop his unique offensive game that is so needed for this team. Plus, Lance is going to the second unit anyway when Granger returns. (Certainly not the golden one, regardless of how bad he plays.) So Lance and the second unit might as well get used to each other.

    Maybe there is something else going on behind the curtain that we don't know about. I actually hope so; otherwise I have to conclude that Vogel is not that bright or has some axe to grind.
    "Look, it's up to me to put a team around ... Lance right now." —Kevin Pritchard press conference

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