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    Quote Originally Posted by vnzla81 View Post
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    Funny how the Danny Grangers fan club members and Danny Granger excuse makers are the ones that want to trade Paul George because "is enough of excuse making" lol, yeah let's trade the guy with the must potential and let's keep Danny and West for the future because "they are guys that play like old mans so they should be able to play for at least 5 more years" .....

    At this point I'm hoping they trade him for another "old man game" type of player to see what this same people are going to say when Paul George is kicking a$$ on another team and the Pacers are in rebuilding mode once again.
    Paul will never "kick ***" on another team. I think Paul is largely who he is at this point and THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. The problem is that because he was a tall athletic guy on the wing he somehow drew Tracy McGrady comparisons which were INSANE. Paul barely scored 16 ppg in the WAC on really bad percentages. He's just not an offensive dynamo.

    There's a reason a lot of us drooled over the potential of a wing combo involving a healthy Eric Gordon (a pipe dream at this point obviously) and Paul George. Gordon is really good at all the stuff is not good at, while also being pretty good in the areas Paul is really good at. Health, and personnel situations have rendered this pairing impossible, but a healthy Eric Gordon and Paul George would probably be the best wing combo in the NBA, but like I said just not going to happen.

    The point isn't that Paul sucks or is sucking, yes he's had a bad pair of games offensively, but that is the type of player he is and always will be.

    Instead of people just admitting that they set the bar for Paul WAY TOO HIGH, they would rather say Paul isn't living up to his potential, well I vehemently disagree, and I'm sad to see this happening because I said it would happen when people started tossing the T-Mac comps around. Paul is EXACTLY the guy I thought he would be back in the Chicago series, a really decent two way wing, who can get hot from outside and give you 30 point nights, but for the most part is a really average offensive player that plays smothering D rebounds better than any other 2 in the league pretty much and is also an above average passer when you put him in low pressure passing situations. Don't blame the player if you're mad at Paul, blame your expectations that were just way off base. And Vnzla, this is not directed at you, I was just replying to your post since it is not a Danny Granger vs. Paul George thing, it is an unreasonable expectations Paul Goerge vs. Real Paul George thing.

    And Paul may still explode and become a 20 ppg guy, but that should be a surprise for anyone who has watched him, not what is expected.
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