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Not excuses is the facts, the guy is playing great and looks like an all star so far but against who? and yes age is a motive for not resigning a player to a long contract see Foster, how many of you wanted to resign Foster "because he still had game left in him"? how many times me and Justintyme told you that it was the wrong thing to do? "Foster is only in his prime so they need to resigning him" same bs different player and at the end the Pacers screwed it all up as always.

By the way I would like to see a list of players that are still in their primes at age 33,34,35,36 and 37 that are still in the NBA and are not hall of famers, I'll be waiting.
West has been consistently good whether we are playing the Spurs or the Wizards so far. He put up 22 and 8 against SAS .